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BTC Masterpay

BTC MASTERPAY is not a bank, we do not collect your money, it’s not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. The BTC MASTERPAY is a community where people help each other.


BTC Masterpay

BTCMasterpay is based on the principles of reciprocity and benevolence

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Get 2X your investment after the stipulated time

BTCMASTERPAY is a community where people help each other, providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence. It gives you a technical basic program, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help for FREE. All transferred funds to other participants are your help given by your own good will to another one is.

In BTC MASTERPAY  there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help – another one helps. The only thing that BTC MASTERPAY demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other.

BTC MASTERPAY is a non-profit organization managed by a dedicated team of volunteers we are a non-denominational group, supported by the team members, who are committed to provide financial and social opportunities and to promote well being to everyone in world.

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