What payment method can members use?
Members can use Bitcoin only

Can I have multiple accounts?
NO! If we find that one user has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

You may PH repeatedly using the same account but must follow the recommitment policy.

Minimum age requirement?
The minimum age requirement is 18 years.

I requested to “PROVIDE HELP”, When will i be merged?
After dropping a request to PROVIDE HELP (PH), you will immediately be asked to make down payment which is 20% of your PH value. Once you have paid and author confirmed, you will get merged within 24hours or more to pay the balance and an email notification will be sent to you.

I made payment, but my payment is not confirmed?
After making payment and providing proof, wait and give time for the receiver to confirm your payment. If payment is not confirmed after 24hours, create a support ticket to report the issue. We will investigate.

My payment is confirmed, when can I GH
Your money starts to grow from the moment your 100% payment is confirmed. Member must make a GH request on the last day 5th,  10th or 15th day depending on your package.

Can I get help without recommitment?
Yes but you will not be able to withdraw your maximum GH due.

What do I do to get my Max GH due?
You must Make 100%  recommitment by dropping PH request on the 3th,  5th and 7th day after your last successful PH for the 5days, 10days and 15days plan respectively. (recommitment is 100%)

Can I PH an amount less than my last successful PH?
No. Your last successful PH is your minimum PH value.

I requested for “Get Help”, When do i get merged?
After requesting to receive donation, Participants will be merged within 24hours or more.

The participant merged to pay me has not made payment, What do i do?
Every participant willing to provide help has 24hours to make payment.

Failure to do so will lead to blocking of account and another participant will be merged to pay.

What do I do to unblock my account
Create support ticket to admin  and give the appropriate details, your request will be reviewed. Your account will only be unblocked on valid reasons.

Depending upon the specific circumstances and reasons your account was blocked, the unblocking time may vary.

Where does the GH come from?
Participants from all over the world, selflessly and unselfishly help each other to fulfill one another’s dream by providing help PH among themselves in order to advance each other’s financial lives.

Can I ask for refund of Help I rendered from the admin.?
Your PH was made to a fellow member, not to a central account. Your GH can only come from another member when all the conditions are made.

Must I do referrals before GH?
No.  But referrals is necessary for the growth of the platform and you are rewarded for it.

What is my referral bonus?
5% of your referees successful PH value.

I still have more questions
Please contact admin though live chat or mail.